Farrah Abraham Is, Like, The Best ‘school Mom’ Ever

They said, Well set it up so it looks like you guys are dating, and then TMZ will find out and itll be all over TV. They wanted to pretend that somehow the tape got leaked behind her back and she was completely unaware I said, No, I dont want to do that. Hire somebody else. But they promised me the media wouldnt be involved, Deen told Playboy . Deen says he took the job and made sure producers knew that, if he was asked about his supposed sex tape with Abraham, he would deny the claims that the two were an item and say it was a porno. I wasnt going to lie. They said theyd make sure the media never talked to me.
Source: http://uinterview.com/news/james-deen-talks-farrah-abraham-drama-train-porno-8927

“At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life,” Abraham, 22, said. In March Abraham was arrested in Omaha after reportedly blowing a .147, nearly twice the legal blood alcohol limit of .08 percent. She completed an alcohol education class and was placed on six months probation. infusmi-16/INFphoto.com Abraham is a single parent to 4-year-old daughter Sophia, who will be cared for by Abrahams father Mike while shes being treated. According to the gossip site The “Backdoor Teen Mom” porn star will undergo 10 days of intensive counseling at the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, beginning on Monday. Her father, Mike Abraham, will care for her young daughter.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/farrah-abraham-checks-rehab-alcohol-abuse-article-1.1387053

Once the kids learn just why Farrah’s so famous, Sophia is in for attention of the negative kind. It won’t be pretty. I don’t think Farrah’s given much thought to the downside of being the “favorite” parent. 30min of recess time @School with Sophia , I’m the class favorite #Mom ((Thanks for the honor kiddos)) 🙂 Farrah Abraham (@F1abraham) September 25, 2013 If the school itself beginssignaling out Sophia for special attention, that’s bound to incur the wrath of other parents. If I was a parent at Sophia’s school and I felt my kid was being overlooked for their “favorite,” I’d have a real problem with that. The extra attention might not be the best for Sophia either. Rather than be recognized for her own work, she’ll be praised for her mom’s celebrity.
Source: http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/161791/farrah_abraham_is_like_the

After starring in a sex tape , making appearances at sex expos and having a sex toy molded from her private parts , she now claims to be writing a no-holds-barred takedown of the very industry that has paid her bills for months. Oh Imwriting & writing she posted on Twitter Tuesday.My next book is going to put the Adult Entertainment industry Farrah Abrahams video on Blast, #WomenStayStrong! While she declined to discuss specifics, X-rated Teen Mom star could be planning to re-air her complaints about her sex tape partner, porn star James Deen . In May, Abraham accused Deen of having an anger issue and said, Now that I know him more, I would never do it with him again The month before that, she accused him of having a small penis. This new expose will be the third or fourth book by the sugar daddy enthusiast . PHOTOS: Farrah Abraham Celebrates Her Birthday At XXX Rated Trade Show In August 2012, she released the memoirMy Teenage Dream Endedthrough MTV [http://radaronline.com/category/tags/mtv]Press, and later that year she self-published a childrens book,Passy Perfume.
Source: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/09/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-sex-tape-book/


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