Farrah Abraham’s Constant Hints About New Show Make Us Not Care (almost)

Rebecca Stokes

Now Farrah herself is dropping some major-tweetage about it. That’s all well and good — but with Farrah, you never know how much of what http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20131114050826AAMSh9D she says is true. Remember how she was ” starting a restaurant “? If you’ve ever read a story about Farrah before, you know how much she loves to tease stuff out. That is, when she’s not just lying full-stop. Yeah, it wasn’t so long ago that Farrah was talking about getting a pixie cut , remember that? Or how about the time she claimed that she lived in a mansion ? How about her big ol’ tattoo fib ? The girl has not met a lie she would not be pleased to tell.
Full story: http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/164412/farrah_abrahams_constant_hints_about


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